Rebecca Camhi gallery internship programme welcomes students and recent graduates who wish to broaden their education and professional experience by working and learning in a contemporary art gallery.

Applications may be submitted electronically by emailing

References will be provided.


Feedback from interns: 

Dearest Rebecca,
It is Nicky here with a very belated thank you for my internship in the gallery this year.
I found it a deeply rewarding and interesting experience, in which I felt I had the opportunity to grapple with every aspect of gallery life.
I found engaging with the Press Releases interesting and thought provoking. I loved giving tours as it was a dynamic experience and gave me a chance to interact with a whole host of people every day. Furthermore, I enjoyed the technical side of the gallery, be it wrapping works, or understanding the system for the website enough to make necessary improvements.
Thank you for being such a warm presence throughout, it really made the experience wholesome and relaxed. I will remember all the laughs and fun that was had. Also, I must say a huge thank you for inviting me to the premier of ‘Bleat’, as that was without a doubt an unforgettable experience.
It was wonderful to get to know both Daphne and Teddy and it was always a pleasure chatting with them at any opportunity.
I hope that all is going well in the gallery and that the remainder of the exhibition was a success!
I look forward to seeing you all at some point soon.
All the best,
Nicholas Marks, student at Oxford University


Hello Rebecca!
It has been a great experience interning for Rebecca Camhi Gallery. I was fortunate to be there during the install of a unique Alexandros Georgiou show, where the artist was painting in the gallery as a studio. Rebecca was very open minded and supportive of my ideas when I proposed a project filming and documenting Georgiou’s painting process. Also, I enjoyed taking on the responsibility for documenting the installation of the show, and this was great for expanding my photography portfolio. I met many lovely and interesting people, and felt warmly welcome by the team at Rebecca Camhi. The experience was incredibly hands-on and I gained a greater understanding about how galleries are run. Thank you Rebecca for your patience and guidance. Best wishes for the future and I look forward to visiting the upcoming exhibitions!
See you soon,
Antonia Jameson, graduate of Oxford University