Meteorology of The World // 6 April – 2 June 2023

Zisis Bliatkas, "Woodcutter", 2022 acrylic on canvas 170x150 cm

Zisis Bliatkas, "Woodcutter", 2022 acrylic on canvas 170x150 cm

Zisis Bliatkas’ solo exhibition entitled ‘Meteorology of the World’

Zisis Bliatkas was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1992, and graduated from the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of the School of Fine Arts of Florina in 2016. He then graduated with a Masters of Visual Arts from the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2022.

Zisis Bliatkas’ world is a rural one. The countryside is the space where he encounters his subjects, and as a result his paintings are mostly set in expansive outdoor spaces. He focuses on the landscape around him, the scenery and land which is arable. There, the artist is inspired by humble structures (kites, solar water heaters, wooden constructions). Despite their precarious form, they are functional structures through which one can visit another dimension.

The abstract nature of the painted surface keeps things in suspension, which in turn becomes the medium through which personal myths are given form.

Alongside the rural thematic of the works, Bliatkas is inspired by outdated computer programmes and games. The electric glow of the screen, video games, the DIY telecommunication and the water supply networks, are some of the themes which inspire the series of works that will be presented in the gallery.